Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Well, lookee here. Suddenly 6 months have gone by with no posts. My life has consisted of ulti, work, trying to cook decent meals and hopefully succeeding, a sprinkling of bicycling here and there, and very little travel. Thankfully, that will change shortly with a trip to Maui/Kauai on the horizon.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Evil boss

We were out for Chinese New Year at Rose Garden and the people sitting next to us were right out of classic stereotypical Chinese action movies. Most awesome was the guy with blond hair, gold chain, lightly tinted sunglasses drinking out of a shot glass. I was expecting a gangster fight scene to erupt at any moment!

Hoity Toity Drunkards

You know how you occasionally see discarded beer bottles alongside sidewalks? Kokanees, Canadians, etc. Well, walking down from Kerrisdale I happened to spot one, but it was a Chimay. Man, I live in a hoity toity neighbourhood.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

WTF is wrong with you people?!?

Poll on
If you could see just one game this season, it would be...
1. Playoff clincher
2. Habs pay a visit
3. Besting the Leafs at GM Place
4. Mats Sundin's debut
5. Home opener / Bourdon tribute
6. Linden's jersey retirement

And the winner is... Sundin?!? WTF?!? You peoples are crazies.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sunday, November 9, 2008

A bit of a lazy morning today. Jason had some vegetable trading to do at the market, giving me time to catch up on the world and and let the world catch up on me. We're off to Mt. Coot-tha later on to get an overlook on Brisbane.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Today was my day to roam around Brisbane, or BrisVegas as it is sometimes called. J dropped my off at the train around 10 and left me to my own devices. The train is pretty fantastic - $5.10 for a day pass on the weekend. Half an hour later I was downtown. I didn't really have a set plan, so I walked one direction until coming across the Museum of Brisbane (MoB). There were lots of young-uns around for a Dora the Explorer xmas thing, but I sidestepped all of that for a Ekka exhibition. Kinda like the PNE but bigger and with a longer history. Pictures of bygone livestock exhibitions, knitting & carving prizes, stories, and candy. One section had a number of historical candy bags, including one overtly racist "nigger boy licorice" bag. The Ekka in general seemed similar to the PNE so it didn't really hold my interest for long.

Also in the MoB is a historic elevator up the clock tower for a view of Brisbane. It used to be the tallest building in Brisbane, but once skyscrapers came to be it was quickly dwarfed. As such, the view was not spectacular - basically looking across at other buildings.

Walking around the downtown area, I stumbled across a lineup for R Sushi (a takeaway sushi place). I figure if the locals like it, it must be cheap or good. As luck would have it, it was both! The salmon & avocado roll and sesami tuna roll were both super tasty. I also stumbled across a music band playing in the Queen St. mall. They were kind of like Stars, but more mellow, so I listen to them for a half hour. They drew quite a crowd. Amidst all of this, Batman drove through the mall in his Batmobile with Santa in the passenger seat. Yeah, I didn't understand either.

South (I think) of Queen St. Mall is the botanical gardens, so I decided to walk around a bit. More luck for me - I stumbled upon a volunteer starting a tour around the gardens, so I got to listen to the history (was a jail site for female convicts) and get a description of all the trees. Lots of fig trees. Apparently the gardens is prone to the occasional flood, and another big one is overdue.

Onwards across the walking bridge, I came across South Bank Parklands, which is a great place to sit and hang out. There are swimming areas, cafes, shops, museums, etc. I munched on a tasty ice cream in the muggy heat and perused the vendors selling their wares. I very nearly bought a panorama photo of Lake McKenzie (just north of here) because it brought back fantastic memories of our last trip here 10 years ago. Perfect sand. Clear clean water. Most amazing lake ever.

At the other end of South Bank is the Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA). The exhibit there on architecture was really interesting - lots of houses and apartments redesigned to take advantage of the surrounding environment with minimal impact. Also at GoMA was a bunch of visual art stuff that kept me occupied for a couple hours including an awesome "Worry doll" series that I must follow up on. It occupied me so much so, in fact, that I didn't have much time to enjoy my coffee before catching the train back to Ferny Grove. Just as I hopped on the train, the rains started, and got progressively heavier as the night wore on. J&V said it was nothing compared to some of the heavy rains they get though.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Finally, one of the big work pushes is done and Telstra Investor Day is complete. We were working on doing a live 21 Mbps demo during the show, and things were going along swimingly. Until the demo, where we were hit with a technical glitch and only got 11 Mbps. Everyone that was working closely on the project was disappointed, but the execs all saw it working in rehearsal so they shrugged it off. Still, it was pretty annoying to do 50 trial runs in a row with no problems only to have the demo screw up.

Now that the demo is done, I can actually spend a few days in low gear. Yay! Mandy's homeward bound to represent at Emily & Victor's wedding (sorry I'm missing it guys!) and I'm flying up to Brisbane to visit my cousin and their new baby.

One of those odd occurrances happened at the airport though. No, nothing to do with rubber gloves. I bumped into someone who works at Sierra in the same office as me! She was on my Sydney->Brisbane flight, on their way up to Cairns. If I hadn't switched my seats beforehand at check-in, I would have been sitting right across from them! Very bizarre. I ended up getting a bottle of wine out of the deal too - she 'had' to move to the exit row because someone there didn't want the responsibility. So they gave her the exit row AND a bottle of wine for her trouble. What a fantastic deal that was. However, she had no more room in her carry-on for her next leg up to Cairns, so I was the lucky recipient.

Jason, Vanessa, and baby Felicity are on a lazy plot of land only a half hour from Brisbane by train, but it feels like a world away. So peaceful. Jason is very big into organic gardening and I got to see all the yummy things that he has on the grow. Lettuce, silverbeet, carrots, squash, pumpkin, strawberries, lemons, bananas, snow peas, etc. I must say it is pretty fantastic to have garden-fresh salad every night with dinner.

They're also into energy conservation (as is much of Australia), so they have massive rainwater tanks as their water supply. He's also very good with grey-water reuse on the garden. Very little water goes down the drain, and the food scraps go to the compost. At the moment they're living in a big shed, very much a work in progress. Sometime over the next couple days, I'll be helping him lift up some joists for the loft area they are building.